Saturday, August 31, 2019

Mahalo Hawaii

Ohhhhhhh Hawaii, you treated me so good but yet did me so dirty! haha
I want to start off by thanking the beautiful

Melissa Martinez 
for being such a great host for this amazing trip. Without her I don't think I could have had such an amazing Redo of Hawaii. (Fun fact: I try not to go to the same place more than once so that I can travel somewhere new each time I get on an airplane)

Lets talk about the Greeting I got from the ladies haha

The best greeting I've received so far.. with not just myself but other people around the airport laughing haha

Hawaii, it was amazing, it was busy but I was calm,  
exiting but relaxing
 it was nothing life my first time there.
 and this time I got to do what I wanted to do.

The PARADISE journey started with a the Distillery Tour that got me a bit
but hey its was ok until we had to save Melissa! 
just when we thought the day was over we got ready and headed to a rooftop 
BBQ and let me tell you the views, the lights and the sound of the Ocean! 
The best part other then the lamb chops was meeting locals, 2 greeks kids visiting and a young lady from Switzerland. It was pretty awesome.

Early morning Hike! were talking about 5am early. smh
but we made it to the Pill Box and saw the most amazing sunrise.
 After trying not to die on our way down
Caro & myself had the rest of the day to ourselves 
visited a temple, grabbed Starbucks and ate amazing food and chilled at the beach.

But I feel like im talking forever! 
so lets just say HAWAII was nothing bus amazing, Great food!
awesome adventures, tested friendships, tested self esteem and most important it placed put me out of my comfort zone!  SWIMMING WITH SHARKS! 

for me it was more than vacation, it was a mental health break.
I left at 25% person and glad to say I came back at 75% 
realized some things, love my self a bit more
and lets just say im a bit happier than I was! 

thank the gods for all he experiences 

Monday, August 19, 2019

Here & Now


Whats up everyone, as you all know my name is Juan Pliego, I enjoy both my jobs and love to stay busy on a daily basis, But what you don't know is whats being going on in my daily life. 

At this point in life having trustworthy people you can count on is not a practical thing, it feels like everyones out to get you, or just plain jealousy can take over someone emotions and we all know what happens next Lol.  For me its a little different today for the first time I'm going to open up a bit. Going through a lot an not being able to talk about it, it honestly takes a toll on you body, mind and spirit. with no judgment from my fellow peers and friends here we go.

Myself and I'm sure most men have a problem with venerability, its not an easy thing for us to do.  For me it was a big problem, especially when it came down to friends trying ask what was going on in life. But I felt like I was just the loyalty guy, dependable enough to not need to open up to people. 
but let me tell you everytime I did that I was just screwing myself over. 

I was scared of my demons inside and more scared about how people would react to them. 

1. My BIGGEST PROBLEM is my self esteem, how I look at myself, how I treat myself, and most importantly how throughout the years I've changed to fit societies expectations. 
    - I have had people help me out with this situation, but if you know me I'm a stubborn MF,  and 
      there is no changing my mind once its made up. I hated how I look, how I talk, how let myself go 
      after high school. LOL (I was one of those that always said I was a big guy back then SMH take
      me back) Everything I've been through these past 3 years, made it even worse which put me In a      
      very very unhealthy state of mind. I started saying "You can't Fix Ugly" or "Whats the point now"
      You get the point.
      Thats when  SELF DEPRECATING became a thing. a horrible thing I didn't realize I was doing 
       for a long time. it became a daily thing  that was not so fun to be around.

2. Being a FAILURE, This topic is a really unnecessary one but here we go since I'm being open.
    Im 27 going on 28 and it seems like I ova not accomplished much in life. But once again I fell into  
    this mindset because of societies expectations. Expectations that are set by many different people 
    that live very different lives and most importantly SOCIAL MEDIA! I focus so much on th bad 
    that I forget to take a step back, sit and enjoy my accomplishments that I have been able to 
    accomplish! NO person is a failure we just complete things at different pace.

3. PRIORITY,  if  you know me i rarely put myself first, and that became a problem. 
    lets just saw that has been a work in progress. If I don't take care of myself who will?

4. My Dammm HEALTH, I'm not really open about this topic and unfortunately I will keep it that
    way. Unfortunately when I choose to tell certain people they turned around and just made it a joke
    and that was a very disappointing. The DAILY struggle of keeping up with daily health is a must at  
    this point. 


I've been through a lot, I've pushed through, mental head suffered a big hit, and self esteem has been lower than ever. Learn to not trust anyone, learned that everyone is out for themselves, I should be the  priority. and my success should be celebrated! Im a traveler, and will travel the world if my health, God permits. Learned that Vacations are for all SHAPES & SIZES,  to enjoy life.  My Goal with people is  to figure out how we are similar as opposed to how different we are & come together in a way we understand eachother. 

To all the people in the past that have intentionally or unintentionally damaged me in a way, you have been forgiven. That shit stays in the past. I took the trip to Hawaii to gain self love, self respect and I've found it. 


Monday, July 1, 2019


El Aventurero

The name is Juan Pliego, and welcome to my the new hopefully improved space? 

This is a space to share my own adventures, things I've been able to learn
 from other people, from shows, documentation, articles and most important my own experienced from traveling the world. 

I can honestly say I'm a different person. 
I've accepted many challenges in life and now you will be able to see the things ive be doing around the community to help others.

Fun Fact: I'm so proud of the picture above that was taken in Lebec, Ca on October 21, 2019 
AKA my Birthday. Also my first spartan race which was 4 miles long.
What people didn't know, the previous 10 months I was on 
about 10 different medication that I would take only a daily basis.
Reason why was because I was on prostate cancer watch. 
During those 10 months I had to postpone my spartan race 3 times from LA, Portland, OR & Seattle.
On October 19th, 2018 I got the call the news that I had no cancer and I was released from 
medical leave, light duty and off most medications. 
3 days later I signed up for spartan race, pushed myself 
and I sure cried at that finish line. 

I learned a lot, I'm thankful for alot.

and realized that for the past 10+ years I have been ignoring the ME chapter in my book.

im so thankful for the negative and positive things in life!

But Enough of that!
Here we go!!

Time Square, NYC, NY November 2018

Tuesday, January 1, 2019



Few things had been going on through my head the other day
i had been wishing i had my old life back but then.......

I catch myself saying i miss my old life where i had plenty of friend and things to do
but had to buy their friendship, with things and favors even favors that included money 
But it was ok because your friends would always be there for ya and got your back 100% of the time.

Reality hits, you get sick and no ones around to do little things like a ride to the DR or pick up your meds... 


Piece of advice know your worth, be greatfull, keep
Your circle small

I thank you fam that really helped me out. Through my hard times this year...🤘🏽